Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing Is Easy

The teen said that I needed to download Google Chrome so that we could watch youtube on the laptop in the kitchen. I'd ignored the continued nagging of Google for a long time (eventually it left me alone), but couldn't ignore the plea of my sweet teen.

So - we Google Chromed.

Now, I believe that you stay young by continuing to learn/do new things; but this is truly annoying. I had diligently saved the internet things that I need into my "favorites" box so that I could find them easily, but apparently Google Chrome didn't think I needed them anymore.

So - I searched the FAQ section.

After a few clicks, I had my favs back again; but I want the old way back again.

I don't want to search, I just want to find.
I don't want to know how it works, I just want it to work.

But in the spirit of learning/doing new things, I found the answer to my question. Not sure I like the new Google, though. Your history is displayed for all to see. No more hidden searches - everyone knows that I was looking at new spinning wheels. I know the kids played Runescape while I was gone.

Some things are better left unchanged.

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