Friday, February 29, 2008

Winding Yarn

How many "wads" of yarn does a sane person hand wind before a swift and ball winder become a necessity? Most of the yarn that I have purchased to this point has been in lovely pre-wound skeins -- but I have recently become the owner of some lovely hand dyed yarns. It's so much yummier to knit with, but must first be wound into usable balls.

Winding yarn into a ball involves finding something or someone to hold the yarn while I wind it into a ball. My children's wooden rocking chair has "hands" that I can use, but it is still a very time consuming process. And, rolling a center pull ball is never a pretty process.

I've still got two more skeins to wind, but if I get anymore, a swift and ball winder may just become the perfect anniversary (or mother's day, or happy festivus) present.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Leftover yarn bathmat

I promised to post a picture of the bathmat I made with leftover dishcloth yarn. It's a simple garter stitch, and is done with double strands of yarn (I bought a cone of off white Peaches & Creme to tie it all together). I haven't washed it yet, but since I wash my dishcloths constantly I know it will wash well and keep the colors bright.

Sorta looks like a fiesta on the bathroom floor!
(Do you love the brownish grass of February?)

What got into that dog?

Apparently Ed either wanted a bath or wanted to help with chores - either way, here he is on the dishwasher. When I went to get the camera he was lying down on the door of the dishwasher, but when I got to him, he wanted to sit up so I could get a good picture of his face.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Knitting Pictures

I finished my mid-month cloth for February. I like the way it turned out. Since it was a two color cloth, I decided to use up leftover yarn.

I also made a Jayne Cobb Hat for baby Brigid. The kids have been asking me to make them Jayne hats, and it seemed wise to make a baby one first. She wasn't awake when I gave it to her mom, but I hope we have a cool day soon so I can see her in her new hat.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Day Before Valentines

I finished my new Sockamania socks and finally took a picture, so I wore them today. I love the pattern and the yarn is yummy. Still need to work on my photography skills (or find better feet to model).

Free Pancake Day

My kids spend all year looking forward to the annual Free Pancake Day. Taking four kids for pancakes really adds up, so the only time we go is on free day. We tried to go after our orthodontist appointment, but the IHOP near the ortho was closed for renovations, and there wasn't another one anywhere close. The next best thing was to go after improv class, so we went for snack. Now they have to wait another year before we go again.

We finally had nice weather last week for tennis lessons, but it doesn't look promising for this week. No wonder tennis has been cancelled during the winter in the past! My boys just love it so much -- we're willing to play it by ear every week hoping for good weather. They are either playing guitar or playing tennis. Could be worse. At least ds3 is learning to play something besides the first few notes of Iron Man and Smoke on the Water.

It's so interesting to watch the boy's personalities come through in their guitar playing. DS2 is very into intricate details and practices until things are perfect. DS3 seems to be naturally musically inclined and only practices the exact amount his teacher requires; then it's back to heavy rock riffs. DS4 can't compete with the older boys and acts silly. This week I'm going to have him "teach" mom so that he can catch up with his brothers a bit.

DD is taking piano while the boys are taking guitar. She loved it when they just were hitting the keys, and she's willing to practice - but the rhythm is just something that is not natural for her. At least she's having fun.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Finishing Socks

I'm almost finished with my Sockamania socks for February. They're called Simply Love and have hearts running up the foot and the cuffs. They are perfect for Valentine's Day. For some reason, I knit them in a purple color. I have red, but I did them in purple. Maybe I thought that purple would be more wearable on days other than February 14?

We have the best dog in the world!! Last night he got sick, and he actually rang the bell to go outside to be sick. Someone gave him Nacho Cheese Doritos, and apparently he gets sick when he eats Nacho Cheese Doritos. DH asked how I knew he was sick and I told him that Ed had rung the bell to go outside and I was wondering what was taking him so long to get back inside. Normally I wouldn't care what he was doing outside, but it was 2:30 in the morning and I wanted to go back to bed. Oh well, I'll trade a bit of sleep not to have to clean up after the dog. He seems to be fine today. I reminded everyone that the dog really doesn't need a snack in the evening.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knitting posted today

I finished my Monthly Dishcloth KAL. It's a box of Valentines Candy!
Pretty cloth, lousy picture.

And I finished my November socks from Sockamania. These things have been hanging over my head since November! I had the worst time with them. The pattern is easy to remember, but I somehow got my world all twisted up when it came to the heel of the first sock. By the time I'd finally finished the first one, I needed a break. Then when I went to finally work on the second one, I realized that I really like doing a different heel, and actually toyed with the idea of frogging the first one AGAIN! I didn't, and just kept going, trying to get them to match when I didn't really remember what I'd done for the heel in the first pair. They are a beautiful turquoise blue (but look more green in the picture).

What a Day!

Ed and I finally got tired of the constant brushing to keep him looking decent, so we decided to get him a doggie do. I called a local groomer and found out that it would be at least $40 to trim him up! Now, I believe that everyone should get paid a fair price for their work, but $40 for a doggie?

I got to cypherin' and realized that for $40 I could buy some doggie clippers and give it a go myself. I cut dh's hair, and the kids hair, so why not the dog? I was just going to use the clippers that I use on the boy's hair, but dh felt that it would be worth the money to buy the dog his own clippers.

Off we went to the pet store to buy some new clippers. Do you know how much dog clippers are? Let me just say that people clippers are cheaper! I bought the cheapest pair they had and came home to "face my fears" so to speak.

Got the dog happily laying on the floor, and started massaging him with the buzzing clippers (didn't want him to be scared - he's my baby after all). He didn't mind the clippers at all. So, I took off the blade guard and started.

Not one bit of hair came off! The clippers don't work worth a darn. Had ds4 go get the kiddie scissors I've been using on the dog to do touch up stuff around his face, and just started cutting.

Do you watch Dirty Jobs? Well, on one show Mike Rowe cut llama hair - it was all skewed and crazy. That's what poor Ed looks like. DS3 begged me not to cut Ed's head and face hair, and I didn't get around to the tail, so the poor thing looks like a Yeti and a lion had a baby.

We still love him and he's still soft, and luckily dogs don't get embarrassed.