Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seussical Socks

The rain did not come
The shade went away
So I just kept on knitting
On that hot, hot, hot day.

I made me some zebras
And a blanket or two
Then I looked at the leftovers
And knew just what to do.

"Knit Cat Socks" I heard
From the voice deep in my head
Knit them now, hurry please
Before going to bed.

So I gathered the yarn
Scooped it up in my hands
Got some tea, got the fan
Sat down in my chair with a plan in my head
And I knit
And I knit
And I knit, knit, knit, knit

And suddenly, there they were
The most lovely socks in the land
They were cat socks, sir, cat socks for me
And all I could say was tee hee hee hee.

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