Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving?

Edgrrr, our supposed malti-poo, thought the dinner smelled so delish that he jumped up into an extra chair and waited patiently. DS 3 thought it was so funny that he got a dishcloth and made the dog a bib, which he sat and wore without complaint.

DS 3 then got the crazy idea that the dog should actually eat at the table. Well, dogs being dogs, as soon as DS 3 put some turkey on his plate, Ed grabbed a big hunk and wolfed it down! The princess was quite distressed that Ed hadn't gotten any cranberry sauce with his turkey. After the boorish behavior, Ed sat calmly and waited for DS 3 to cut him some more turkey and then kept staring at the food until he'd been given some mashed potatoes.

All this, and no margaritas!

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breno said...

This is adorable!!Brenda Mom of 7