Thursday, November 22, 2007

My sad trip to the frog pond

I dearly love these ripple socks, but I've finally decided that since I did something wacky on the heel I will frog them (down past the heel, not completely). I don't know what happened. This is the second time these poor things have been frogged through no fault of their own.

The first time I had decided to do the pattern without the purls. I was getting ready to do the heel (toe-up of course), and decided that the ripple pattern didn't show up as well as I liked without the purls. Thus the first trip to the pond.

After starting them again, this time with the purl rows, I really liked them and showed my bit-o-sock to anyone who would look. Since it's been hot here and we've been wearing flip flops up until today, it was easy to show off socks.

Well, things were going swimmingly until I started to turn the heel. I don't know what happened. I thought I was doing a simple heel, but something went terribly wrong. First, I was knitting so tightly that I ended up poking a hole in my finger trying to get the stitches off the needle. Then, whatever I did made the heel completely unstretchable. I could barely get the things over my feet.

Being the stubborn person that I am, I decided I could live with it and kept on going. I continued trying on the sock thinking that the sock fairy would come down and re-knit it while I slept, but that has not happened.

So -- this morning, like a grownup, I decided that I had three choices:
1. Knit the other sock exactly the same way and then never wear them cause I can't get them on comfortably.
2. Knit the other heel differently and then never wear them cause I'm a bit anal and would always feel uncomfortable that the socks didn't match.
3. Frog them and try again.

I have chosen to frog them. I love the pattern, love the yarn (Lorna's Laces in Island Blue), and it's good to let go of the past.

So, please join me in saying good bye to my current ripples. They were great and I will miss them until I see them again.

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