Thursday, November 8, 2007

Still trying to get pictures

I'm still trying to get pictures into the text of blogs. I tried lots and lots and lots of times to do it so that I could post the picture of my pretty feet modeling my Elegance socks from the Sockamania October pattern, but no luck. I finally gave up and just posted a description.

So, here goes again (picture of the fishyghan I made for a baby friend).

Oh my, it actually worked! I feel so much better.

DD says she's in charge of the dog. DS3 says he's in charge of the dog. DS4 is crying because he lost a tooth yesterday and didn't want any of us to know about it because he wanted to find out if the tooth fairy was real - and mom and dad both noticed the missing tooth. It's right in the front of his mouth -- how could we miss it? I hope that I remember for next time.

BTW, mom is in charge of the dog.

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Janey said...

Your fishy afghan is quite beautiful.

I have a few fishes knit. The problem is that they will not snuggle up to each other evenly - and be loving and friendly.

A lady sent me a few to add to my total. I was making blanket for the cat's cages at the local animal shelter.
I still haven't gotten them sewed together - I've been quite ill. But I walked by the shelter the other day ... and the cat in the window had NO blanket whatsoever!
So I am shamed into picking up my needles (knitting and darning) again.

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca