Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chick Trip 2009

The princess and I are getting ready to go on our inaugural girl trip. She's old enough to be a fun travel buddy, and I want to take advantage of her desire to do girl things with just the two of us.

Apparently part of this trip will require the wearing of matching t-shirts, so we bought bright pink shirts and will write on them with glittery purple paint.

She's very excited. So am I. The boys are vacillating between jealous and bored of the whole thing. Lucky they don't want to go with us - I don't think any of them would be willing to wear a bright pink t-shirt.

Finished my Anni socks for the month (Ripples socks from 10/07). I let the princess pick out the yarn. It almost glows in the dark.


MariecusBruyn said...

hehe, glowing pink socks and an bright pink T-shirt.
This just calles for a picture!

Alaskan Nancy said...

That sock pattern is attractive!
What are those flowers in the photo (and also on your rav avatar?)

Anonymous said...

I love the sock pattern and the color......I found you here....HI.....knitrsue