Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knitting posted today

I finished my Monthly Dishcloth KAL. It's a box of Valentines Candy!
Pretty cloth, lousy picture.

And I finished my November socks from Sockamania. These things have been hanging over my head since November! I had the worst time with them. The pattern is easy to remember, but I somehow got my world all twisted up when it came to the heel of the first sock. By the time I'd finally finished the first one, I needed a break. Then when I went to finally work on the second one, I realized that I really like doing a different heel, and actually toyed with the idea of frogging the first one AGAIN! I didn't, and just kept going, trying to get them to match when I didn't really remember what I'd done for the heel in the first pair. They are a beautiful turquoise blue (but look more green in the picture).

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