Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Pancake Day

My kids spend all year looking forward to the annual Free Pancake Day. Taking four kids for pancakes really adds up, so the only time we go is on free day. We tried to go after our orthodontist appointment, but the IHOP near the ortho was closed for renovations, and there wasn't another one anywhere close. The next best thing was to go after improv class, so we went for snack. Now they have to wait another year before we go again.

We finally had nice weather last week for tennis lessons, but it doesn't look promising for this week. No wonder tennis has been cancelled during the winter in the past! My boys just love it so much -- we're willing to play it by ear every week hoping for good weather. They are either playing guitar or playing tennis. Could be worse. At least ds3 is learning to play something besides the first few notes of Iron Man and Smoke on the Water.

It's so interesting to watch the boy's personalities come through in their guitar playing. DS2 is very into intricate details and practices until things are perfect. DS3 seems to be naturally musically inclined and only practices the exact amount his teacher requires; then it's back to heavy rock riffs. DS4 can't compete with the older boys and acts silly. This week I'm going to have him "teach" mom so that he can catch up with his brothers a bit.

DD is taking piano while the boys are taking guitar. She loved it when they just were hitting the keys, and she's willing to practice - but the rhythm is just something that is not natural for her. At least she's having fun.

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