Thursday, February 7, 2008

What a Day!

Ed and I finally got tired of the constant brushing to keep him looking decent, so we decided to get him a doggie do. I called a local groomer and found out that it would be at least $40 to trim him up! Now, I believe that everyone should get paid a fair price for their work, but $40 for a doggie?

I got to cypherin' and realized that for $40 I could buy some doggie clippers and give it a go myself. I cut dh's hair, and the kids hair, so why not the dog? I was just going to use the clippers that I use on the boy's hair, but dh felt that it would be worth the money to buy the dog his own clippers.

Off we went to the pet store to buy some new clippers. Do you know how much dog clippers are? Let me just say that people clippers are cheaper! I bought the cheapest pair they had and came home to "face my fears" so to speak.

Got the dog happily laying on the floor, and started massaging him with the buzzing clippers (didn't want him to be scared - he's my baby after all). He didn't mind the clippers at all. So, I took off the blade guard and started.

Not one bit of hair came off! The clippers don't work worth a darn. Had ds4 go get the kiddie scissors I've been using on the dog to do touch up stuff around his face, and just started cutting.

Do you watch Dirty Jobs? Well, on one show Mike Rowe cut llama hair - it was all skewed and crazy. That's what poor Ed looks like. DS3 begged me not to cut Ed's head and face hair, and I didn't get around to the tail, so the poor thing looks like a Yeti and a lion had a baby.

We still love him and he's still soft, and luckily dogs don't get embarrassed.

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