Monday, March 31, 2008

Death by Allergies

Is it possible to die from allergies? Sometimes I think it just might be. Welcome to spring in Texas. Trees are blooming and eyes are watering. There is currently some combination that is making everyone feel spacey. Not pleasant.

My biggest issue is that we really only have a few weeks when the weather is wonderful; and that's when the allergies are at their worst. Not to worry - we've got plenty of drugs. Although lately, since the actual illegal drug makers use allergy medications as part of meth labs, you have to give your drivers license and sign something I've never really bothered to read, in order to get allergy meds. We're also limited to a certain amount of each med per month, and with so many people in the house having allergies, we sometimes need to stock up in order to have enough for the bad season. I always feel like I'm being interrogated whenever I try to buy Sudafed!

It'll be over soon, then the HEAT will set in :o(

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