Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Break

What is it about spring break that makes us want to goof off? We homeschool and can take off any day we want, so why are we so antsy? Even dh has the fever.

The bluebonnets still aren't out, and we'll probably have a terrible wild flower season this year. We had a mild winter and dry spring, and that means the wildflowers will be sparse. It's not like we have months of dreary and snow - but somehow the wildflowers are still important to me.

When I first moved here I always missed the fall in New England, but the first bluebonnets of the season have become much more important to me. The thrill of seeing those first lone blooms on the side of the road somehow seem to symbolize new life and hope for the new things to come. It's the last splash of color before the brown of summer hits.

Guess we'll just wear bright colors today and watch a movie. Target finally had Jiffy Pop and the kids are all tickled to watch it pop. Go figure!

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