Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank You Mr. Rockefeller

Today is Ed's birthday, Sunday is Easter and Monday is dd's birthday.

I had to do some shopping. The kids wanted to get the dog some toys to celebrate his birthday, so we went to Pet'sMart and let him pick out some toys. Actually, he just wanted to smell everything, but he got toys anyway. He also got to go with us to the drivethru at Sonic. I'm not sure how that was a treat for him, but the kids assured me that it was exactly what the dog wanted. Happy Birthday Edgrrr!

Then, since I still have two bunny believers, I had to secretly go get some basket stuff. Monday is also dd's 5th birthday, and I needed to at least get her something to open. We'll probably go do something fun on that day, but a girl needs a gift.

Well, millions of dollars later, everything is put away and waiting to be presented at the appropriate ceremony. So, Thank You Mr. Rockefeller (I'm sure this is going to cost me somehow!).

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