Monday, June 2, 2008

Do You Really Need A Rule?

Being a mother means that you make up rules for things you always figured were understood. Here are some of the rules we've had to enforce lately.

1. If you have dog poo on your shoes, take them off before you come into the house to tell mom about it.

2. If it doesn't taste good, don't try to get your brother to eat it.

3. Never try to make you little sisters brain explode.

4. If the dog is hiding under the table, you may not drag him out and claim that he asked you to do it.

5. If mom puts your brother's underwear in your laundry basket, just give it to your brother; don't throw it on the floor, stomp on it and scream that your brother has committed a crime against all that is human.

6. When someone is enjoying a book/tv show/movie, you may not tell them that it's a "baby" thing.

7. Never write on daddy with a Sharpie (even if it is very funny).

8. Never write on your sister with a Sharpie (even if she asks you to do it).

9. The dog doesn't need a leash in the house.

10. Mom will not, under any circumstances, correct math homework while using the bathroom.

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