Thursday, June 12, 2008

Worms Live In The Dirt

One day the princess came in and declared to dh "Worms live in the dirt." It was just a statement. She's full of declarative statements. Yesterday she came to me and said, "Dogs don't get their ears pierced until they're married." How can you argue with that?

Backyard Ballistics is a popular book at our house right now. The children have been promised that this summer we will go to the movies twice a month and work our way through the less destructive activities in the book. Right now I'm trying to find projects that don't require explosions. Since we've had quite a dry spell the grass is quite flammable and I don't want to be responsible for burning down our neighborhood. We might start with a simple pneumatic missile or a flinger. Who doesn't like a good fling now and then?

We're also going to go around today and sign up for all of the summer reading freebies. Since we read all summer anyway, we might as well get a treat for it. We live in between three libraries and are going to go sign up at all of them. Half Price Books gives one $3 coupon a week to kids under 10 if you fill out their little card. I have two under ten, so that's $6 per week. And the coupons last through November, so that will come in handy. We can always find something there we like, and the boys are searching for old rock cd's right now, so that pays for almost half of each cd.
DS3 is finally playing something different on his guitar! His teacher is teaching him more complicated stuff and right now he's playing something that sounds very flamenco-ish. It sounds really nice, although I was willing to listen to almost anything that wasn't Smoke on the Water or Ironman.

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