Monday, June 30, 2008

What Kind of Ant Are You?

My life today has reminded me of ants. Not the beautiful, organized lines of ants quietly going about their business in an orderly fashion.

No - I mean crazy ants. No order, no method to their madness. Just a bunch of busy movement from place to place. Do they ever get anything accomplished? Probably, but only because they're ants and there's a lot of them. Perhaps there's a method to their madness.

Within the past fifteen minutes or so I've:

-folded 1/3 load of towels
-hung up 5 princess dresses
-assisted the smiling child with 4 division problems
-listened to the princess read a story about a big bug
-been questioned by the fencer as to why "The Westing Game" fits into the current reading schedule
-assured the teen that the book he found on a bookshelf is the same book that is on another bookshelf and is okay to read
-okayed each individual section of the newspaper to go to recycling
-pushed the dog off the unfolded laundry on the bed
-fed the princess a very late breakfast
-turned the dryer on again (the last load is still on the bed)
-washed the dogs feet (it finally rained a little bit)
-refocused the smiling child on long division
-retied the warp on the fencer's weaving project
-printed letters so the princess can learn to write "but"

So, whenever I wonder why I never seem to accomplish anything, I'll remember the crazy ants. They're constantly following a path that no one can see; a seemingly chaotic path. But, at the end of the day, they find their way home to the nest; dinner in hand. Family fed - task accomplished. Are their lives better or worse for the chaos? Who knows, who cares. For now, I shall be content with my crazy ant status, and remember to be grateful that my life's not like a fire ant invasion.

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