Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Every Day's A Party

What if you threw a party and only socks showed up? It would look like this:

I finally found a pattern for my stars and stripes yarn. This month Anni gave us two patterns to choose from and I picked this one. The pattern is called "Rainforest" and looks like lovely waterfalls. Well, I did the pattern toe up and was happily knitting along when I realized that while the pretty waterfalls looked lovely from my viewpoint, when I was standing up and actually wearing the socks they would be upside down! My socks (stand on your head and you'll see what I mean) look more like theater curtains pulled aside than waterfalls, but they're wonderful none the less.

Since it's so hot here, my poor wool socks will be living in the drawer with all of my other hand knit socks for quite some time. DH and the kids have the right idea - they ask me to knit them shortie socks in a cotton blend yarn and then they can wear their socks all of the time. Those socks are pretty quick to knit, but they are boring. I always have a fancy pair of wool socks and a plain pair of shortie socks on the needles. The best thing about knitting plain Jayne socks is that I can take them anywhere and knit without having to worry about a pattern. If I knit and chat while I'm trying to concentrate on a pattern all hell breaks loose.

Speaking of Jayne, my kids are all bugging me to make them Jayne hats. I made a baby one for a friend, but didn't get around to making any for the kids. Goodness knows I've got enough yarn - I bought cheapo acrylic yarn and could make three more hats out of it. They won't be authentic, but they'll be washable. And besides, I make a mean pom pom.

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