Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tennis Takes Over Our Lives

The boys started tennis lessons in September and are HOOKED! It's rare that we find something everyone likes, and they love tennis. It doesn't hurt that our tennis teacher, Ms. Sarah, is wonderful. Somehow she manages to take a bunch of kids with a huge range of skills and turn it all into a fun class. Even the princess likes to go to tennis - doesn't hurt that we usually go to Starbucks for the first half hour.

Anyway, DS3 (the maniac) has discovered Wimbledon. Now he begs to watch the matches on TV. He talks about the players, he's read up on the players, and he has his favorites. Not sure if he actually likes to watch tennis or if it's another method of avoiding school; but, since my sports goal for the kids is to have them learn "life sports" then this interest in tennis is good?

Off to get the princess "one of those floaty jackets" so she can feel more secure at the pool. She likes to say that she knows how to swim and can breathe underwater, but mom's not so sure.

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