Monday, June 9, 2008

Knitting When It's Hot

It's fun to make afghans. They grow and become this wonderful, warm thing to snuggle under when it's cold. The cold, hard truth is that we have very few days when this lovely picture is actually a reality.

Right now it's becoming summer. It's also been close to 100° for weeks now. That doesn't stop my need to knit, it just forces me to become creative. Luckily there are dishcloths to knit. Here's my latest one from the Monthly Dishcloth group.

There are also socks to knit. Even though it's hot and the socks are wool, at least they're small and don't overheat me while I'm knitting. Here are my Sockamania socks for June so far. They're called "Rainforest" and reminded me of fireworks, so they seemed perfect for my patriotic sock yarn.

DS3 and DS4 are both fighting over my stars and stripes socks, so I may have to go find some yarn to make them patriotic socks too. Not sure if they actually want the socks or if they just wanted to fight. I haven't quite finished ds4's Longhorn socks yet. They are my "take along" sock project, and they've been neglected. He's been very patient, but ds3 has been egging him on, trying to make him jealous, because his socks were finished first.

And - ds3 wears his socks almost daily! I have to request them to wash them. Maybe he thinks of them as little socks of love - he said that he likes hand knit socks better than store bought socks. His wife is going to hate me!

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