Wednesday, July 2, 2008

And Now We Weave

I took a class last weekend at the local weaving store and got to bring the loom home to finish the project. The nice loom lady said that she didn't need the looms back for a week, so we could take our time to finish up. Well, it only took me about an hour and I was finished. We were supposed to bring the loom back with our scarf on it and she would show us how to complete our looming work.

I ended up taking it back on Tuesday and lamented that I had thought of buying some additional yarn and making another scarf. Well, sweetie that she is, the loom lady checked and said I could take the loom home for an additional week! Now I had 13 more days to weave. The smiling child and I bought some more yarn and came home to weave til we dropped.

I finished a burnt orange scarf for the smiling child and have started a fluffy pink scarf for the princess. In this process I've learned that some yarns are just not meant to be woven. EEEWWWW! Too late to back out now, but never use stretchy, fluffy yarn to weave. I almost pulled the whole thing out with the intention of just knitting the scarf.

The middle child finished his big weaving project on our tapestry loom. I really didn't give him much instruction - the loom didn't come with instructions. Actually, I just gave him some general weaving information and let him work it out. I'm currently trying to convince him that he should make us all place mats. Grandma would love a table runner, don't you think?

Our cupboards have been bare lately, and the grocery bill really showed it today. I've taken to filling the car up before it gets empty to avoid the sticker shock; now I know I need to go to the grocery store before we run out of everything. Not only is it too much money, but my car could barely hold all of the food. On the plus side, we're having homemade ice cream after dinner tonight. Yum! Not sure if it's a money saver, but it will remind the hubby and me of our childhoods.

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