Thursday, July 10, 2008

All Tucked In

I went into the bedroom to picture. The dolls were all tucked in and asleep (although their eyes don't close). The princess had changed their diapers and fed them and put them down for a nap. These days she loves pretending that I've had a new baby and since I'm not as accommodating as she'd like, she has to pretend.

Sadly, one of the baby's lost a leg and needed repair. As I was putting the leg back into place (requiring me to hold the doll upside down, naked), she turned her back and told me to tell her when I was finished. As I pronounced the doll "cured" she informed me that we were just going to say that I had merely changed a diaper. I guess the memory of Alice loosing her head was still a painful thing.

The story of Alice:

We were driving 70 mph down the highway on our way to visit relatives and the princess was happily in her car seat playing with her doll Alice. Alice has beautiful red hair and is an 18" doll that was the favorite playmate of the princess at that time. Well, she was combing Alice's hair when the head flew off. I mean, it really flew! Good thing the windows were closed. Anyway, the princess screamed out in horror and her loving brothers burst out laughing.

As the princess screamed that Alice was dead, trusty mom pulled out a paperclip and cut off some yarn (yeah, I was knitting), and put Alice's head back on. That trip is forever known as the time Alice's head came off.

Well, apparently the princess is still having nightmares about Alice and her head. So we just went along with the story that the doll needed a diaper change.

FYI, if you're ever traveling, always keep yarn and a paperclip in the car in case someone looses their head.

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