Thursday, July 17, 2008


We've got too many books. Folks we know (homeschoolers) always say there is no such thing as too many books; but we've got too many books.
The man I married and I have an agreement that if a child wants a book, they can have a book. Our children love to read; love books. But enough is enough.

The princess is almost completely independent in her reading and has outgrown most picture books. There is the obvious exception of books like Magic School Bus and Berenstain Bears, but for the most part, she ignores picture books.

We've also got a lot of books that are not being read. My children don't like to "like" a book that an older sibling has enjoyed, so we are the proud owners of book series that no one will read.

So, we've got too many books.

The middle child and I are in the process of making "sell it - keep it - trade it" boxes right now. This entails bringing three HUGE apple boxes and the laptop into the living room. The middle child types the ISBN number into to see if anyone wants the book. If so, it gets listed; if not it goes on a gigantic list with a minimal price to post to our homeschooling group. Then, if no one wants it in the homeschooling group, the list will go to craig's list. If the book is still unwanted, it'll go to half price books (or Goodwill if I'm too sick of it).

I'm hoping that this whole process takes less than two weeks. I'm also hoping that I can keep the princess out of the boxes. She tends to decide she really loves anything I'm getting rid of.

Wish me luck!

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Liberal Homeschooler said...

Hey! You better give me first dibs or I'm gonna smack you. What's the unwanted series?