Friday, July 18, 2008

Knitting Fun

I am lucky to be a test knitter for Marilyn. At her site she designs knit cloth patterns so that you can have a dishcloth (or an afghan square) with your name on it.

Usually I'm knitting names I don't need, and I make them into swiffer sweeper cloths. Since the princess loves to swiffer sweep the floor, and since I love for her to swiffer sweep the floor, and since swiffer sweeper disposable covers cost so much, I started knitting covers.

We use our knitted cloths for napkins, and after listening to my kids say things like "Who's Brooke?" I figured out that I could easily turn my test knitting cloths into swiffer sweeper cloths. This continued happily along: I test knit cloths for Marilyn, and had an expanding stash of swiffer sweeper cloths.

Then, one wondrous day Marilyn sent a cloth that said "I [heart] Nascar." Well, the smiling child is almost obsessed with Nascar. He was tickled to have a Nascar cloth and waited patiently while I knitted "his" cloth. When it was finally finished he couldn't wait to take possession. I take pretty pictures of the finished cloths to send to Marilyn, and the Nascar cloth has his little hand in the picture because he saw me with the camera, saw the flash (I take a few pictures to see which one is best), and figured I was ready to give him the cloth.

Cute, but not the end of the story.

The very next cloth that Marilyn sent for me to knit was a cloth that said "We [heart] LittleBit." Well, the man I married named his photography business LittleBit Studios! We began to wonder if Marilyn knew us! What are the odds that I'd be sent two slightly wacky cloths that both related to our lives?
What will she send next? A cloth that says "I [heart] fencing" for the middle child? A cloth that says "I [heart] to read" for the teen? Surely someone has requested a cloth that says "I [heart] the princess" for the princess.

We'll just have to wait and see. In the mean time, if you heart Nascar or you heart LittleBit, Marilyn has a pattern for you.

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