Monday, July 14, 2008

Toad Lickin' in Texas

Well, it's an urban legend that's actually true. Don't lick toads - you'll get sick. Unfortunately Ed didn't read the warnings and has apparently been licking toads. Let me tell you, it sure makes a dog sick.

He's always had fun chasing the toads when they're around, but I guess he's never gotten a juicy one before. Without going into details, he got sick Saturday night. I woke up to a lovely mess on Sunday morning. The rest of the day he seemed relatively normal. A bit sleepy, but we decided it was because he must have been up all night.

Late Sunday, he was very pathetic. Didn't even ask us to rub his belly when we came near. Since it was late, we decided to wait and see how he felt in the morning.

This morning he seemed better. Still a bit schmoopy, but at least he wanted his belly rubbed. So, being the techno savvy people that we are, we Googled dogs licking toads and found that it's true! Licking toads can make a dog sick.

Ed seems to be surviving the Terrible Toad Lick of '08. Now we have to go outside with him to keep the goofy mutt from lickin' toads. The boys seem kinda excited to catch the toads. We may have a new home based business brewing here.

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