Thursday, July 3, 2008

So I'm Avoiding Work

Old people always need to keep learning new things or they'll become stagnant (and they'll develop "old people" brains). The thing I decided to learn today is how to put a banner across the blog.

The first thing I discovered is that the picture needs to be long and narrow or it will just look like a little picture - not what I was hoping for. Then, as I was clicking from one thing to another, I ended up gravitating to a Firefly site on Ravelry. Let me tell you, those knitting Firefly fans are fun! Here are a few pictures of the wacky things they've created in homage to the Jayne hat. A Jayne golf club cover, a Jayne hangy for the rear view mirror and a Jayne tree ornament. Does this inspire or repulse? You be the judge, just don't judge me! I'm thinking very seriously of getting some solid color yarn and making Jayne socks.

But I digress. I found a site with lots of graphic stuff, and found some stuff labeled for banners. So, I clicked and fiddled, and came up with a Serenity graphic. Not sure it's exactly what I want as a banner, but it's there and it sorta fits. Now I just have to figure out how to make the edges a bit rounder, and the fit more exact.

Now that there's a banner of sorts (won't last long - I'm looking for something more "me"), it's on to more pressing issues. Gotta finish the pink scarf for the princess, gotta get the beans a'cooking, gotta get ready to make ice cream this afternoon, gotta fix the vacuum cleaner, gotta get the laundry going, and gotta convince the princess that her new music thing MUST be used with headphones so that the rest of us don't go loopy.

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Liberal Homeschooler said...

You should follow those instructions I used to make the banner on my blog. You don't have to find a photo in the correct proportions. You can take a section of a photo you like and enlarge it. That is what I did.