Sunday, July 6, 2008

How To Make Your Mother Crazy

The princess was the last one to get hand knit socks. She'd wanted some pale pink socks, but one of my KAL's had a cute pattern that I thought would look good with pink so I talked her into it. From the start these were cute socks. They looked like cotton candy, or maybe peppermints. Anyway, they were easy to knit and turned out really cute.
Here's where the problem lies. I finished one sock and the princess wanted to wear it while I was finishing the other sock. Mind you, all I had to do was finish the heel and then weave in the ends - just a fraction of time in the sock knitting universe. So she was happily running around in one sock while I worked on the second sock.

I drank coffee and worked on her sock. Dreamily planning to make myself a matching pair - is there anything cuter (but not terribly annoying) as matching mother daughter socks? I don't think so.

The last little piece of yarn was carefully woven in, the needles were put away, the camera was ready (gotta take a picture to post completed socks 'ya know). I called for the princess to bring in her naked foot so that the socks could be a pair for the first time.

In runs my precious youngest and informs me that the sock is lost! It's been less than an hour since the sock was completed and now it was LOST!!! I told her to get her bum into the bedroom and find that sock. No use, I was informed, the sock was gone for good.

At this point, I marched in to tell the man I married that he needed to get in there and tell his daughter that she'd better find that sock. I mean, it wasn't even photographed yet, and I needed to provide pictorial evidence that the pair of socks had been completed. I'm not entirely certain if I was more upset that she'd lost the sock or that I hadn't taken a picture yet; but I digress.

The man I married told me to calm down, surely the sock was somewhere in the house. He'd never heard of aliens coming down to our world to steal single socks - wasn't that the domain of washing machines?

Anyway, after a half hour of everyone in the house looking for a small pink sock it was found. Right under the bed where it was supposed to be. As I muttered something about no one caring about anything I did for them the socks were put on the princess's feet and photographed before they became lost again; and I swore never to make another pair of socks for another living being again.

That is until I cast on the next pair.

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