Monday, January 21, 2008

Always something new to learn

I finished my January mid-month cloth and love the pattern and the colors (although the photo leaves something to be desired).

Also, thanks to Andi at the MonthlyDishcloth group, I am no longer such a slave to bloggers placement of my pictures.

I'm getting close to turning the heel of my Ripples sock. DD tried on the completed sock (over her nice, warm footie jammies) and asked if they could be for her. I will have enough leftover yarn to make her a little matching pair. I haven't knit socks for my little ones yet - they all tend to walk around in socks and wear them out, so I've been really reluctant to knit socks for them. But - since I've been wanting to try an afterthought heel, I may knit dd a little pair as practice.

Today all of the kids have their art classes. The boys are all taking guitar together, and have promised to teach dh what they've learned every week. We bought dh a left handed guitar on Friday. He's thrilled. I told him that he should just learn to play right handed, and he had pretty much agreed - but we found a left handed guitar on craigslist. Happy birthday, honey.

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