Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Scanner

My scanner finally bit the dust, so off to Frye's I went. I called dh and asked him to figure out which one I wanted, and then I took ds4 with me to pick it up. I tried to buy exactly what we had so that I could just plug it in and use it, but nooooo. There wasn't one to be had at our store or any other stores in the state. I ended up with the one that dh wanted (same brand, different model than what we had). Came home and ran the install.

A bunch of things came up that I wasn't sure about, so I called dh to ask him if I wanted to accept the options or not - he was pretty good about not reminding me that the point of me installing the thing in the first place was so that he wouldn't have to do it and if I had him on the phone the whole time he was pretty much doing it himself.

Good news is that it's installed, and it works!! DS3 isn't too thrilled - it was his math that was being scanned, and he was hoping that I wouldn't be able to get it finished.

My DVD's got here for the class that ds2 and I are doing.
It's called Movies as Literature and should be fun. We're going to be watching old movies and doing a literary analysis of them. The first one is Shane, which I've never seen. I'm looking forward to it, not sure ds2 is quite so happy, but he's a trooper. Here's a picture of the book we're using. Best part of all, the answers are included!! Don't you just cringe when there are questions, but no answers? It's got great movies - like Raiders of the Lost Ark and ET; so the little ones can watch the movies and ds2 can learn from the "literary" aspects.

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Marti Knits in SF said...

Heya Darlin'! This is Marti from Crafy Muse where you signed up as lucky #3 for my pay it forward. Please send me an email so that I can reply back to you. My email is FLHAZELEYED (at) GMAIL (dot) Com. I'm looking foward to hearing from you soon so I can get started on your mystery gift. Have a great day and have fun with your new scanner. That class sounds really interesting too!