Tuesday, January 22, 2008

High Tech in the Kitchen

With dh's blessing, I've set up shop in the kitchen. We've got wireless internet, and can use a computer anywhere in the house. We also have a laptop that the kids had claimed so that they could play their online games at the same time.

I've been having this terrible problem as of late -- my practically perfect children think that whenever I leave the room (even for a moment) that it's time for a free for all. This does not go well with my idea of peace and harmony in the home. So, whenever I wanted to do anything on the computer, I would instantly hear screams.

In an "I shoulda had a V8" moment, I realized that we have a laptop, wireless internet, and a kitchen counter that is really in the middle of all the action. Today, I brought it in, and plugged it in. So simple, yet so effective.

Now I can shout at the kids and surf the web, all without hurting my throat!

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