Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Cold Weekend

It's shivery cold here. This week Barnes & Noble is having a teacher appreciation sale, so we're going to head over and see if there's anything we don't need, but will get anyway. DD loves to read Junie B. books, so we'll see if there are any she doesn't have.

Actually, I've been trying to figure out how to insert a link and have it say something besides the actual link name, and it looks like I might have figured it out! Yeah, me!

I cast on and knit the first few inches of my Ripples sock last night, thus avoiding the dreaded SSS. I totally see why SSS happens - you finish the first sock and put everything away for awhile. When you pick up the needles and yarn to start the second sock, you've forgotten all of the little things. Since the pattern was written cuff down, and I'm knitting it toe-up, I couldn't remember how many stitches I cast on. Also, I discovered that I did a different heel than I'd done (and become enchanted with) on my two most recent pairs. Oh well, it's a good learning experience for me. Never abandon a first sock! Everything will be okay - I love the pattern and the yarn, and really want to finish this pair.

I still have my shawl, ds4's scarf and dh's afghan to finish also, so there's plenty of knitting/crocheting to do. Since it's so cold, I may just pull out the afghan and work on it - crocheting and keeping warm. With a nice cup of tea at my side, the day may just be bearable after all.

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