Monday, January 14, 2008

Should we believe Dr. Phil?

Have you ever heard Dr. Phil say "If you act happy, you'll be happy" or something like that? We've all been mopey lately (turning into an old lady really chaps my hide), so dh and I decided that we would just start acting happy.

Much easier said than done. My kids think that I must be hitting the Valium or something. I tried to do some yoga and Ed (the dog) thought that I was planning to play with him and jumped on me. Not exactly something that brings the zen into your life.

Well - this is only the first week of the act happy idea. We got the purple "don't complain" bracelets from http:// and the boys discovered that they could be used as lethal weapons. That just got me to complaining and the bracelets were soon out with the trash. Not that I'm complaining....

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