Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Blue Socks

I started these socks while driving back from WDW in October. I only got one done because it was yucky and raining and I wanted to watch the road (no - I wasn't driving, just wanted to be a supportive wife). This is the only non-pink/purple yarn that I had. I really like the color and as soon as I've knit up the sock yarn in my stash, I'm going to buy more non pink/purple yarn.

Now that I've learned how to add pictures, I'm learning how to add a link. Not bad for an old lady :o)

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DawnK said...

Pretty socks. I just finished my first sock last week! I'd be starting its mate, but my cousin who just had a baby a few months ago, is coming to town on Saturday, so I wanted to whip something up for the baby, so I'm furiously knitting up a Baby Genius burp cloth from the mason-dixon book.