Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chicken Socks

The Sockamania socks this month were called Bluebell. I wasn't going to knit them because they involve color work, and I have this fear......

Anyway, they are finished, they are beautiful, and they are photographed. Even the inside of the socks turned out to be nice - see!

The princess is now healthy. Somehow my kids manage to almost always just have one sick day, then they are better the next day. It's wonderful what a healthy immune system can do for a person. I'll just say that we need to go get new pillows because they are the only things I can't wash. Any more information would be too disgusting to get into.

Ed was really upset by the sickness of the princess. He spent most of the day checking on her. Usually he would jump up on her bed and pester her, but he seemed to know that she wasn't feeling well and just sniffed at her. He also got quite out of sorts because he didn't have the usual routine around the house. It's pretty pathetic when we have to worry about the dog's emotional well being too, but such is life.

The boys are all practicing for their guitar recital. It is so nice to be able to hear something beside Iron Man and Smoke on the Water. Right now ds3 is trying to play both the melody and harmony for Ode to Joy. What a treat for my ears!! He wants to play The Star Spangled Banner for his recital piece and is digging through the cd pile to find the patriotic songs cd I bought a few years ago. If he can't find it, there's always itunes.

DS2 is currently reading The Scarlet Letter, and I'm supposed to be reading it with him so that we can discuss it. He's on chapter 10 and I haven't started. At what point do I just admit that I didn't read it and just take the test?

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