Monday, April 14, 2008

Potatoes and Socks

The boys discovered twice baked potatoes last week and were amazed that I knew how to make them. We had everything we needed, so for dinner on Friday we made them. DS2 was the official masher and he really took that job to heart. Apparently you shouldn't tell a teenage boy to "mash'em" if you really mean that he should just mash a little bit!

By the time he was done, they were a sticky mess. The flavor was great, but they were gooey. So, this past weekend, we bought him a ricer. That way he can get the potatoes mushed without killing them. Our plan was to make a large batch of potatoes and freeze them. The kids all like to have potatoes for lunch, and this way they'd have fancy ones without any more work than just popping them in the microwave.

On the sock front, I'm close to being ready to turn the heel on the second of my Sockamania socks. I think that when I finally finish them and post a picture, I'm going to post a picture of the inside too. It's so tidy! Isn't it fun when the private side of work looks almost as good as the public side? Too bad it'll be months before it's actually cold enough to wear socks again. Next pair for SAM5 will be more croc socks out of Cascade Fixation. That way I'll be able to knit my socks and wear them too.

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