Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Life in the Comics

Over The Hedge had a comic strip today that captured my life. DS3 and DS4 play either "Smoke on the Water" or "Iron Man" until it burns my brain. And since someone got the bright idea to get them electric guitars (a guitar for ds3 and a bass for ds4) along with amplifiers, they can play LOUD! And they play loud and proud, but only the first 8 notes or so. It is so annoying - same song, but it never finishes. Even dd knows the words to the beginnings of both songs. I know that it's important for parents to teach their children all of the important things in the world, but I really wish that dh would have skipped the 70's hard rock stuff.

On the plus side, I finished one of my Sockamania socks for the month! I wasn't going to even try them, but was inspired. As it turns out, since I know how to knit with both hands, it was a lot easier than I expected. Unfortunately, since I wasn't sure that I'd like the outcome, I used sock yarn that I don't really like. Now I have a cool sock in a color that I don't really love. Lesson learned. I still don't want to do color work throughout the entire sock (it makes them double thick), but I won't shy away from future color work patterns.

The Sonlight Core 400 that I'm planning on using for ds2's Sophomore year came yesterday. This is the first time he's used Sonlight, but I think it will be okay. I am using a different government text, and modifying everything quite a bit; but I like almost all of the literature. And best of all, almost all of the books required are available on paperbackswap! Since the books are easy to obtain, I'm going to read a few of them with him. It makes me a bit nervous, because it's hard to switch back and forth between each of the kids readings as it is, and ds2's readings are deep. The first book is "The Scarlet Letter" and since I don't remember if I ever actually even read the book (I know I took a test on it in hs, but I don't think I read it), it should be interesting.

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