Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I Need To Take Up Drinking

This was the actual discussion that took place at my house today. It must be noted that the working title is:

Why My Mom Drinks

Homeschool discussion:

(first child): Mom, don't we have a book that has all of the Egyptian gods listed?

-- yes, on the shelf with all of the other ancient history books

(second child): I thought you said we had almost all of the Dr. Seuss books. Do we have the ones under his pseudonyms too?

-- I don't think we have that one (Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo), remember to look next time we go to Half Price books, I think I saw it there last week

(third child): Why don't we have a priest?

-- dad's in charge of religious education

(second child again): Dr. Seuss coined the phrase "nerd"

(first again): Imhotep was real, I told you (making a face at third child who is still quizzing mom on why no priest ever comes to dinner like in his book)

(last child before mom goes to margaritaville): Oh no, the beetles (watching "The Mummy"), beetle time, they'll eat your brain you know

It's five o'clock somewhere!

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