Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday Blahs

It seems that everyone has the blahs here. DH thinks it's because anytime you turn on the tv or read a paper there's nothing but bad news. I'm hoping that it's just some sort of weird allergy from Africa or something so that it can blow over. We've got it so bad that we've just decided to have blizzards for dinner! How's that for teaching the kids healthy eating :o)

Tomorrow is one week since my last flat tire. I'm hoping that the curse has been broken. It's amazing how having a flat tire can ruin a day. With three flats in two weeks I was always on edge whenever I drove anywhere. My car has been wonderfully considerate, though, and the flats are always in my driveway. Can't imagine what I'd do with a flat and all of the kids out somewhere.

Off to DQ for blizzards - who cares about the diet.

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