Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nothing Sadder Than a Sick Princess

The poor princess is sick. She's such a trooper - no whining, no complaining. That almost makes it more pathetic. She's just laying there (actually she's asleep right now). This morning she asked for her brother, because "he always makes me smile when I'm sick" and wanted me to go wake him up.

As soon as ds4 got up, he came in and started comforting her. It was so sweet. He brought in trains for her to play with, and when she just needed to lay down, he put them beside her so she could look at them. Then he got some books and sat on the end of the bed and read to her.

I hate for any of my children to be sick, but it really gives them a chance to shine. Kind of makes all of the bickering seem worth it....not!

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