Monday, May 5, 2008

Birthdays and Bikes

Saturday was ds4's 9th birthday. He was so excited and had the day fully planned.

First, we (mom and son) went to the first in a series of bike repair classes. We learned to repair a tire. Even though replacing a tube costs less than $3, we learned how to repair one. Probably won't use the skill, but I learned to remove a tire and replace it. We've always had the problem that when we have a bike problem we have to wait for dad to come home. Now we can fix any tire problem that arises. In the coming weeks we'll learn more and poor dad won't be needed for bike repairs.

The next thing on the birthday boy list was to go to a baseball game with dad. They went and purchased a baseball (for player signatures) and a new mitt (for catching those foul balls), and some tickets. DH also discovered that if you tell the ball park ahead of time, they will display a birthday message on the giant score board. He didn't tell ds4 that this was a possibility, and ds4 was thrilled.

They got home after 10 and ds4 has talked of little else since. Aaah, nothing cuter than a little boy discovering baseball!

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