Thursday, May 22, 2008

Empty Nest?

There's a name to label your life when all of your children leave home
- Empty Nest Syndrome.

There should be a name that labels how you feel when you no longer have a preschooler at home.

The princess is half way through her 100 Lessons book, and we always celebrate this occasion with a trip to get ice cream cones. She's thrilled to finally be almost reading, but I'm sad.

Last weekend, she pointed out to dh "That word says need" and he wasn't nearly as impressed as I thought he should be. Maybe he's got the syndrome (whatever it's called), just like I have.

She's almost always got a book in her hands, and loves to look for words she can read. If we do a lesson a day, she'll be reading like a pro in a few more weeks. I must admit that I don't like to do a lesson a day with her - I want to postpone the inevitable as long as I can. Once she's reading like the big guys, will she still want me to read to her? What will I do with all of the picture books? Will she still want them, or will she move on to only reading novels? I am still clinging to some baby board books which haven't been opened for years.

This new stage of my life shall be called "Open Nest Syndrome" to symbolize that while the nest is still full, the doors have opened to new and exciting discoveries for my little chicks. The world is always full of wonder.

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Carolyn Erickson said...

I like that name very much! You may be on to something there.

Open Nest - for them. Syndrome - for us, recognizing the inevitable is happening. And while we certainly don't want to stop it, sometimes we wish it would just slow down...