Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Princess and the Piano

The kids are taking lessons at a local arts school. DS2 & 3 are taking guitar and cartooning, ds4 is taking guitar and theater, and the princess is taking art and piano.

We initially looked into the lessons because ds2 & 3 had been wanting to take cartooning. We got there and found out that there was the potential to take guitar. Since ds3 had been playing Iron Man and Smoke on the Water (only the beginning of each song) by ear for some time, I was quite happy to find actual lessons with the hope that he would at least be able to finish each song.

DS3 & 4 both jumped at the chance to take guitar lessons, but since the class needed three students to "make" I talked ds2 into taking lessons too. We live in a very musicy city, so finding two additional guitars on craig's list was very easy.

Now I had three boys in guitar, two boys in cartooning, and decided that I would just jump in and let all of the kids take two classes each. DS4 got to take theater (which he LOVES), and the princess took art and piano.

Things went swimmingly. The boys now play guitar (all together, one song, all the way through!), ds 2 & 3 are cartooning like pros, ds 4 is the narrator for his class play, the princess created an artistic masterpiece (I'm not kidding - it's very cool), and is actually quite good with the piano.

Here's the rub: The princess CANNOT SING! I mean, not at all! You'd think that with all the singing she does, she'd at least hit one note - but no, never on key. All of her little music books have words to go along with the songs and she sings along (belting out the tunes like Ethel Merman), but she's NEVER on key. Even her piano teacher has to stifle giggles. My little princess is enthusiastic, so that counts for something, but she'll have to find another profession.

She's found a way to guarantee that we'll keep up with the piano lessons. Harder music doesn't include cute little words for the cute little songs. She's definitely going to get to that level, and none too soon for us.

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AfternoonMoon said...

Good to hear they are all taking lessons. Our boys are getting their lessons from "Rock Star" and singing off-key at the top of their lungs. It is making my ears bleed.