Friday, May 23, 2008

A Hectic Life

Sometimes we all just need a little Serenity.

We have tennis today. The kids all love it, therefore I am willing to drive the 30 miles each way to take them there. It is so rare that all of my children actually like the same activity. So far, the only things that fit into this framework are tennis and their art/music classes.

While tennis is quite far from our house, we continue to go because the teacher is fabulous and the price is great. It even balances out when I figure the gas cost into the equation. Next year (September), the tennis teacher said that she would be happy to teach a class on our side of town, but I'll need to find a core group of kids willing to go every week. When I mentioned this to dh, he said that was great, I wouldn't have to make the trek every week. What dh doesn't understand is that we would then be taking tennis lessons twice a week.

The boys already take their tennis rackets with them to their art/music classes so that we can go to a local park and play on the tennis courts. They also beg us every weekend to go play tennis with them. It's fun (although dh and I end up huffing and puffing), but since we are heading into the summer heat zone, I'm not sure how often the old folks will be willing to play tennis.

That leads me to my question of the day: Why aren't tennis courts ever shaded? Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could play on a court that was shaded by a majestic oak tree? If I ever get millions of dollars, the second thing that I'll do (after paying for Firefly to be put back into production) is to build tennis courts shaded by trees.

Well, off to get ready for our weekly excursion. Water (not in plastic bottles, in refillable bottles), check. Tennis rackets, check. Scooter for the princess, check. Bathing suit for the princess (to splash in the little water park), check. Huckleberry Finn on cd, check. Grocery list to stop by the organic food store on the way home, check. Something for mom to do with the 3.5 hours that will be spent waiting & watching, check.

This is why I have so many hand knit socks! I'm a waiter - with no tips!

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