Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today I'm Just a Mom

Mother's Day 2008
A day to celebrate all the joy my children bring to me. DH and ds3 are at a fencing tournament, so the other children are busy telling me that we can do whatever I want. Unfortunately for them, what I wanted was to clean up the playroom. You've never seen children volunteer so fast to spend their own money to take me out!

We compromised - we cleaned for a while, then went to Wendy's for lunch, then the grocery store so we could get hot dogs for a barbecue dinner. The children decided that we should have a family dinner out next week when everyone could be here.

DH bought me some t shirts from my favorite tv show - Firefly. What more could I ask for? He also got me a sticker for the back of our trailer. We decided to name it Serenity, so he got a sticker for it with it's name.

I also got a gift card for my LYS so that I can buy some yarn guilt free. I don't really have any guilt when I buy yarn, but it's the thought....

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