Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Planning For Next Year

We started using Sonlight this year. To make things easier, I put the reading for the year on an excel spreadsheet and just labeled the days. We eliminate some books, add other books, and don't do school everyday - so it seemed easiest to just label the days by number rather than the more detailed way Sonlight does their schedule.

Everything is going well. The boys like their reading, and since it's on the schedule, they know exactly what they have to do every day. Next year for ds3, there were quite a few books that I was planning to eliminate, so I really needed to fill in the gap. Since he likes Genevieve Foster's other books, I decided to smoosh in the Beautiful Feet schedule that corresponds with his Sonlight for next year.

The actual added cost was minimal, since we had most of the books anyway. It also added minimal effort on my part - just configuring the new books to fit into the old schedule. I think I've got it right. I was able to split the new books up and insert them where the yucky books were previously taking up valuable space.

Hope it works out. I keep the schedules on the computer, and make any adjustments as we go along. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that for the next child in line, I will just have to pull out the grade box of books, print a schedule and purchase the consumable workbooks. Here's to hoping that my planning actually works for once, and doesn't just contribute to the downfall of humankind :o)

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