Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ikea's Mistake is My Gain

We've been wanting a new couch for ages. We've been eyeing the couches at Ikea for about a year. They're not too expensive, and they have slip covers! The idea of being able to wash our couch is so blissful that even when I started hinting that I'd really, kinda like the pink and green stripes, dh went along with it.
So, on Thursday, while flipping through the junk mail I found an Ikea coupon for this weekend. The coupon said "20% off purchases over $100" which seemed much too good to be true, but I pulled it out anyway. I called dh and told him about the coupon, and suggested that this weekend might be just the right time to get a new couch. He suggested I call ds1 and see if he'd also gotten the same junk mail, so that we could use two coupons, just in case it was 20% off of a single purchase.
Also, Ikea has a deal going on that if you put a purchase over $400 or so on an Ikea card, you can pay it off interest free for a year. We don't have an Ikea card, but that didn't deter our shopping. When you get to the store, there's a little kiosk to sign up for an Ikea card, so I signed up (and got one!).

Long story short, we have a new couch, loveseat, chair and two ottomans! It makes me feel like a newlywed - buying new furniture. The only new furniture we've ever purchased was a rocking chair, a mattress and furniture for the kids. Pretty much everything else came into the marriage with one of us.

We've been married a long time, and I've always wanted a new couch. DH had the couch when we got married, and I've never loved it. For the past several years, I haven't even been willing to sit on it - it's just not comfortable to me. It's also been through two teenage boys, three younger siblings and a slew of dogs. It's been sewn up more times than I can count, and one of the cushions finally fell off and fell apart, and is currently housed in a king sized pillow case - and leaving a little trail of foam crumbs in it's wake.

So, now, like a real grownup, I have a new sofa. We're getting the room ready - we have a lot of rearranging to do to fit it in, but it will be worth it. And all at 20% off!!!

And, since I still have the coupon that ds1 saved for me, we're going back to get a second set of slip covers for the sofa (I'm thinking beige for the sofa and pink for the chair - definitely "moms" chair), and probably a chair for dh. He really wants this wacky chair - it'll make him feel like Captain Tight Pants and I'm sure he'll love it.

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