Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now We RV

We picked up the trailer today. Actually, we took possession yesterday, but didn't bring it home until today. Soon we'll be waving good bye to our house bound life and hitting the open road.

What a difference there is driving with a trailer behind the car. DH and I both tried to practice in the lot next door to the RV place, but it was so wonky that we just drove home. It was strange cruising down the highway with that thing behind us. We were suddenly quite glad that we decided to buy the shorter trailer (actually there was a bit of discussion about rethinking the whole camping thing).

But - we made it. It's parked in the street in front of the house, and the neighbors have even been over for a "visit" in the new trailer. The sweet lady across the street even suggested that the neighborhood would have fun on a giant camping trip. Not sure we're up for that - too much pressure until we can comfortably deal with all of the details.

We've told the kids that we won't be using the bathroom in the trailer, but I'm sure that rule will go out the window the first time someone needs to go in the middle of the night.

DS4 wants to sleep in the trailer tonight, so he'll be spending the night out there with dad. The princess wants to sleep out there too, but mom isn't so sure about sleeping in the trailer without any electricity (it's hot and stuffy in there).
We've compromised -- ds4 and dad will sleep in the trailer and the princess will join them for breakfast in the trailer.

Remember, all of this is happening on the street in front of the house. I'm really surprised that the kids didn't drag out all of the camp chairs and roll the barbecue out from the back yard and make a night of it.

Tomorrow we're going to the high school parking lot to practice backing into spaces. We've been told that sometimes people will help you at the campground; but sometimes they just pull their chairs around and watch.

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