Sunday, May 18, 2008

Parking a House

Let me just say, I'm glad that dh and I are happily married. If there was any doubt, we would have definitely had some issues while learning to park the trailer.

First of all, they say that you turn the steering wheel of the car the direction you want the trailer to turn when you're backing up. THEY are wrong! We wanted the trailer to turn to the left - so we turned the wheel to the left -- the trailer went right. So, we turned the wheel to the right, the trailer kept going right.

Figuring the trailer just needed to straighten out, we drove the car straight forward to "even" things out a bit. As an experiment, I backed the trailer straight back -- no wheel turning what so ever. The trailer still went right.

And -- the trailer groans when you're pulling it, when you're raising the tow thing, when you're lowering the tow thing ... pretty much anytime anything at all happens (this includes butterflies landing on it). We have decided that it must be haunted. That would also explain the backing up/parking problem. It's not us, it's the ghost.

Now we just have to decide what type of haunting it is. The ghost show people say that you have to take back control of your home; so next time we see the trailer I'm going to walk around it and tell the ghost to leave (or at least give me a little parking help).

Until then, it's parked. It's even straight.

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